Method 1

Method 2

From any touch tone phone dial 2116 7877 Login to our VCSC at http://vcsc.onetel.com.hk

Enter your One. Tel registered fix-line or mobile no., then press # Click the "Service Plan" at the navigation bar

Enter PIN*, then press # Select your IDD Roaming Service & click the column of "Update International Designated no."

Enter your designated international no. you wish to call forward to (country code > area code> local number) Follow the instructions to update the number

IDD Roaming service will be ready in 5 minutes.
Please remember to divert all your fix-line or mobile number to your IDD Roaming No. 3070 8888, to activate the service before you leave HK.

*Default Password¡GThe first 4-digit number of your HKID or Enquiry Password.
(For security reason, please change the default password once service is activated.)

¡E Divert / forward all calls to life-time delegated IDD Roaming no. 3070 8888 before leaving HK.

**21* + 3070 8888 + # → Send

¡ECancel the forward call to suspend the IDD Roaming service.

##21# → Send